Pouring Your Heart Out – Journalling for Writers

They say that everyone should keep a journal (who are they? No idea. But they do have an opinion on just about everything). Even if we aren’t the sharing type, being able to vent your feelings and frustrations is apparently a healthy habit. I have had several incarnations of journals and diaries over the years. … Continue reading Pouring Your Heart Out – Journalling for Writers

Rainy Days and Sundays

It dropped 18 degrees overnight here in Calgary, and we are expecting our first real rain of the season. I am excited for this. Being a coastal transplant, I love the rain. For me, there is nothing more soothing than the sound of rain tapping on the windows. And the smell of the very first … Continue reading Rainy Days and Sundays

Novel Ideas

Ha! That’s a good one. I may have to recycle that pun. I did say I would post a bit about my work, didn’t I? Here we go: The Vastlands. A world of simple people living simple lives. It’s a land where forgetting is both a blessing and a curse. Forgetting brings peace, but it … Continue reading Novel Ideas

Let’s Talk

If you read the previous entry, you’ll know that this is an old blog. In my youth I had a habit of collecting fresh new blogs on various platforms. I eventually settled on WordPress, but not before creating about a half-dozen of them here. Which basically means that I can dust off something new whenever … Continue reading Let’s Talk