Word Count Progress and NaNo Prep

45,000 words. That’s an impressive number. I keep looking at it in disbelief. For a story started just six months ago, I am impressed with myself. I am still struggling with ‘writing everyday’, but I am beginning to think that outside of NaNo season, that might not be a thing that I do. This year … Continue reading Word Count Progress and NaNo Prep

Halfway There

Just a little update for those following along, I have just hit the halfway point on my WIP. 40,000 words! It always feels awesome to hit a milestone on the journey. Helps me to see the progress. If I can keep up this pace, I should be finished the first draft by October 1st. School … Continue reading Halfway There

Time Flies

When you’re up to your eyeballs in work. 👀 How did it get to be the end of August already? Over the course of what feels like a week and a half, I have somehow lost an entire month. School will be starting soon, and I am nowhere near ready for that. School clothes, backpacks, … Continue reading Time Flies